Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Making the House a Home

I have slowly been painting and installing things into the new house. Here are some pictures of some things I have been up to.


After-As you can see I painted one wall a light teal color to match the wall picture

Before- A broom closet

After-A large pantry

Before Dining room wall

After-Legacy purple with white tree vinyl decal

Before-garage entry


Friday, November 11, 2011

Veteran's Day

Today is Veteran's Day. I have many mixed feelings about today. I am glad we have people willing to give their lives to the service of our country. I just don't feel our country gives them enough back. I now know of at least 4 young men around my age who have been affected by PTSD from this ongoing war in the middle east. One is afraid of loud noises like fireworks. Another has dreams. He wakes up and realizes he has been messing with his gun in his sleep. He drinks and does drugs to try to cover these things in his mind. He can't get proper help or counseling from the VA.I worry he will do something he doesn't really mean to. Another I know also uses alcohol to cover his PTSD. He has bad dreams. The latest young man I learned about having PTSD died yesterday after battling with life for 4-5 months after trying to commit suicide by shooting himself. He was married with a wife and little girl.

I hate that our VA services don't seem to be able to handle this returning problem with PTSD or they make it very very difficult for the soldiers to get help.

As I said before I am grateful for these people and their families who sacrifice. Thank you for your sacrifices; body, mind, and soul. I think about you more than this one day a year.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Moving Day!

I moved out of my apartment today into the new house. Juston Rouse helped move with his trailer. I also had Travis, Kelsi, Aunt Candi, Mom, Josh, Brenna, Dad, and a few of his friends help too. I wasn't really allowed to lift anything too heavy due to the recent surgery so I did a lot of directing. Most things ended up in the second bedroom since I had cleaned the garage floor, but was not able to paint it before the move. Nobody could walk on it or it could get dirt on it and the epoxy would not stick well later. It took me 4 hours to clean the floor well and I didn't want that work to go to waste. As you can see this made the second bedroom the drop zone for everything. Too bad it was on the 3rd floor.

Here are some more pics of the house.

The patio

The view of the river and downtown

Garage in alley

My solar lights

The dining room and kitchen

From kitchen towards den area

Dining room towards living room

From dining room towards stairs

Powder room

Looking down to living room

Living room


Master Bedroom

Second Bedroom


Thursday, September 29, 2011

Ear Surgery....Again

Since I am in the running to get a new job at Holy Family I am trying to get all my health things done before my insurance is gone and since I have met my deductible. So today I had surgery again on my left ear. Dr. Giddings did tympanoplasty with ossicular reconstruction, which means he replaced the current prosthesis in my ear bones with another and took some cartilage from my ear to thicken my ear drum. My hearing had been decreasing again since I had the prosthesis done in high school.

I did pretty good after surgery. I did have some pain which I didn't remember from the first time and I also had some stitches in my ear where he took the skin for the eardrum. I pretty much slept with my pain meds while mom packed the rest of the apartment up since I would be moving in about 2 days.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Got my keys!

I got the keys and garage openers to my house! I can offically start moving stuff in. Mom and I made a couple trips to bring clothes and things over that we knew we could put away. I of course have to work so we only did a few runs.

Monday, September 26, 2011

I Bought a House

So I offically have bought a house. Signed my papers today. It was actually a short process. I was disappointed though because I didn't get my keys. I always thought that you go your keys when you signed your papers.

I really need the keys because I am going to epoxy coat my garage floor and this process takes a few days to a week for the floor to be ready to walk on. I am having surgery on my ear again on Sept 29th so I won't be able to do things after that for a little while. Moving day is Oct 2nd. I wanted to get the floor done since most things will be needing to go in the garage. Maybe I can get the keys earlier through Josh.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

American Flag Cake Surprise

Josh sent me a link to a page for making this flag cake. I wasn't going to make it till next year since I didn't really have a reason, but couldn't help myself and decided to take a stab at it and bring it to the lake for the family to see.

It was fun, but definitely difficult to cut the cakes and layer them neatly. I put them in the fridge like the instructions said to make them easier to cut, but I don't think it really helped. I am going to have to freeze them next time like they do in the cake baking shows.

Boy what a mess this was.

All in all though it did turn out even if it was somewhat of a nightmare to assemble and frost with all the crumbs due to its coming apart. Everyone was delighted and surprised with it. They all had thought that it was just a white frosted cake.